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About the Breed

The Poms is a family friend. They are curious and playful and wonderful at obedience training. They make good watch dogs and will alert you if strangers or danger is near. They love taking short walks but can easily be exercised indoors with daily play sessions.

The Pomeranian comes in various colors and patterns, but most often seen in red, tan, and orange. They have dark intelligent eyes and a fox like face. Their ears are set high with perked interest, and their tails are carried with purpose and just a hint of sass.

The Pomeranian originated centuries ago and has been the favored breed of many famous individuals throughout history such as Martin Luther, Queen Victoria, Michelangelo and Sir Isaac Newton. Even today it is beloved by royalty and commoners alike.
Right Choice?
If the Pomeranian is your breed of choice, you will have a lively and vivacious family friend. This extroverted little dog will entertain you and your family with its personality and antics.
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Toy Dog
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Low Maintenance
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Adult Height:
6-7 inches

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Adult Weight:
3-7 lbs

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12-16 years

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