Cocker Spaniel

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Cocker Spaniel

About the Breed

The Cocker Spaniel is built balanced and muscular, able to sprint and run at considerable speed and endurance. It is still a very capable bird dog even to this day. The Cocker is well suited to going out for long walks and adventures with its family. He or she will also join you for a long lazy weekend of watching movies and avoiding foul weather. They tend to always have a sunny disposition and will always cherish time with you on walks or in the backyard playing.
This breed is known for its short to medium length wavy coat that can come in Black, cream, red, or brown. They can be solid or come with white markings. Their ears are large and droopy and their eyes are large and merry.

The origin of the Cocker spaniel originated in Spain during the mid-1800s where it was employed as a bird hunting dog. Even their breed name is derived from a bird named a woodcock which was a common bird to hunt in those days.
Right Choice?
If the Cocker Spaniel is your breed of choice, you will have the pleasure of knowing why they are one of the most popular breeds in America.
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Sporting dogs
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High maintenance
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Adult Height:
13-15 inches at the shoulder

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Adult Weight:
20-30 lbs

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8-12 years

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